About Us

The Dunbarton Garden Club was founded in 1934. Membership is open to all residents of Dunbarton and also to interested folks in neighboring towns. Our annual dues are set at a modest $10, and benefits include discounts at several local businesses. But the greatest benefit is the pleasure of joining together with old and new friends to make our town and our own gardens more beautiful.

Monthly meetings are held throughout the year (see schedule for dates and times). Meeting topics vary: we have an annual free plant swap, several meetings each year feature guest speakers, many begin with a garden tour, and others are devoted to working on our community projects. All are casual and fun, and the general public and visitors are always welcome to attend.

The Dunbarton Garden Club maintains the gardens on the Town Common surrounding the Library and War Memorials, makes holiday decorations for our town buildings and churches, and provides flowers for the Dunbarton Elementary School graduation as well as the Roots program. We also host a variety of events in our town geared to increase community involvement especially with children. We understand the beauty of a small town is that one person can make a big difference. Through these efforts we can increase volunteerism and community engagement making Dunbarton one of the most beautiful and friendly places to live in NH.


We are proud of our ten year project to sell and plant thousands of daffodils in Dunbarton to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary in 2015. It was a project that continues to beautify our roadways and gardens to this day. 


We also make annual donations, and participate in the Ruth Hingle Memorial Scholarship Fund, open to all graduating Dunbarton high school seniors. For an application and more information, contact the Dunbarton Community Scholarship Fund, c/o Cindy Pinard,clpinard.cs@gmail.com (603) 774-1711 or (603) 340-8193.


If you are looking for idea on how to arrange your gardens feel free to reach out to our membership. We love to share our thoughts and help people that have specific questions even if it is simply where to start. DGC03046@gmail.com.

Members Corner

We have members ranging from novice to expert in gardening expedience. We share tips and tricks with each other both at meetings and during our summer garden tours.