Upcoming Events

  • Creating A Pollinator Garden
    Tue, Jun 14
    Dunbarton Elementary School (Gym)
    Jun 14, 6:30 PM EDT
    Dunbarton Elementary School (Gym), 20 Robert Rogers Rd, Dunbarton, NH 03046, USA
    Insects such as bees and butterflies are helpful, and in some cases, essential in pollinating many of our food crops such as apples, berries, and vegetables. Learn how to grow a pollinator garden.

Some of our work

The Dunbarton Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.  We support the DES Roots Program growing young gardeners, Spring and Fall clean up of the planting areas on the Common, Halloween on the Common Trick or Treat, Winter Tree Lighting on the Common, Food tent volunteers for Old Home Day and Arts on the Common.  

Mums sign and pages sign.jpg



As a non-profit we rely on fundraising and donations to provide funding for the club. This is important because we use this money to sponsor several local and town events. Our Annual Mum Sale has become our one big fundraiser event of the year. 

The Dunbarton Garden Club Annual Fundraiser Mum Sale is commonly held for a long weekend in early September each year (dates and times posted in FB and via physical signs around town). All colors of Mums, Asters, the cabbage looking plant, corn stalks and all sizes of PUMPKINS!
Location: See the tent at Pages Country Store 15 Concord Stage Rd. (Hwy 77), We thank the citizens of Dunbarton and surrounding communities for their support each year! Proceeds help support the DGC annual scholarship, children's community engagement events and various other activities.


Halloween Spooktacular

HALLOWEEN!  Witch means all you ghoulishly dedicated DGC members are on the Commons to help make that night a fun one for all the little ghost & goblins and their families that will be showing up on Halloween to enjoy another Dunbarton Garden Club 
Spook-tacular evening!

halloween 2019 2.jpg
tree lighing.jpg


Community Tree Lighting

Each winter holiday season, the DGC decorates the town common with lights and hosts a community tree lighting ceremony complete with music, snacks and of course, Santa. 


Dunbarton Old Home Day Volunteering

Each year the DGC helps to promote and volunteer at our town's old home day event. You can often find us in the parade, behind the food tent or helping to monitor and support various activities held during that day. 

9a.  DGC Float .jpg


Dunbarton Elementary School - Amaryllis Project

This year the Dunbarton Garden Club gifted each class at Dunbarton Elementary School an indoor gardening project to welcome the new year. Every class was given a kit that included an Amaryllis bulb and planting supplies. In addition they received instructions and printed information to supplement their growing experience. The project was well received by the teachers and students and will hopefully spark interest in plants, gardening and the environment. It is a lovely way to begin the new year, observing the growth of s beautiful Amaryllis flower. 

We are sharing some photos from Mrs. Kim Belanger’s class as they began the project. 

Amaryllis Flower.jpg
stundent and kim.jpg
learnign aobut amaryllis flowers.jpg
boys and kim planting.jpg
student and kim planting.jpg
learnign about amaryllis flowers 2.jpg
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (36).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (35).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (32).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (25).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (19).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (13).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (12).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (11).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (10).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 (9).JPG
Dunbarton 4-19-09 442.JPG
Daffys Oct 30 2010 (101).JPG
Daffys Oct 30 2010 (75).JPG
Daffys Oct 30 2010 (72).JPG
Daffys Oct 30 2010 (31).JPG
Float - Rightside.jpg
Float - Left front.jpg
Float - Front.jpg
May 4 clean up.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 309 (Large).JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 296 (Large).JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 295.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 233 (Large).JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 208 (Large).JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 160.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 129.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 128.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 047 (Large).JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 034.JPG
2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 002 (Large).JPG
old fort replica.jpg
molly stark entrance.jpg
mlly stark marker.jpg
public planting 2011 (116).JPG
public planting 2011 (114).JPG
public planting 2011 (92).JPG
public planting 2011 (87).JPG
public planting 2011 (67).JPG
public planting 2011 (65).JPG
public planting 2011 (52).JPG
public planting 2011 (36).JPG
public planting 2011 (12).JPG
public planting 2011 (10).JPG
public planting 2011 (5).JPG
public planting 2011 (4).JPG
public planting 2011 (1).JPG
Presidents 80 year celebration 2014.JPG
DGC Wall Hanging.JPG
daffodills 2014 207.JPG
daffodills 2014 203.JPG
daffodills 2014 201.JPG
daffodills 2014 193.JPG
daffodills 2014 179.JPG
daffodills 2014 177.JPG
daffodills 2014 168.JPG
daffodills 2014 163.JPG
daffodills 2014 162.JPG
daffodills 2014 161.JPG
daffodills 2014 159.JPG
daffodills 2014 153.JPG
daffodills 2014 147.JPG
daffodills 2014 142.JPG
daffodills 2014 139.JPG
daffodills 2014 125.JPG
daffodills 2014 121.JPG
daffodills 2014 119.JPG
daffodills 2014 110.JPG
daffodills 2014 099.JPG
daffodills 2014 094.JPG
daffodills 2014 079.JPG
daffodills 2014 074.JPG
daffodills 2014 061.JPG
daffodills 2014 056.JPG
daffodills 2014 047.JPG
daffodills 2014 041.JPG
daffodills 2014 037.JPG
daffodills 2014 027.JPG
daffodills 2014 026.JPG
daffodills 2014 023.JPG
daffodills 2014 021.JPG
daffodills 2014 020.JPG
daffodills 2014 019.JPG
daffodills 2014 013.JPG
daffodills 2014 009.JPG
daffodills 2014 006.JPG
daffodills 2014 003.JPG
daffodills 2014 002.JPG
Commissioner wright daffodills.JPG