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The ROOTS Club and Garden Projects

The Dunbarton Elementary School (DES) has been hosting the “ROOTS Club” with committed volunteers from the school and the community with some financial and volunteer support from the Dunbarton Garden Club (DGC). Each year there are approximately 40 students that participate in this club. The DES ROOTS CLUB has a mission of encouraging and developing respect and appreciation in elementary students for the outdoors and the environment. The Club’s concentration in fostering these interests is plants and gardening. The ROOTS CLUB has been designed and structured for students in grades 1-6.


Each year they host a variety of exciting activities with the elementary school children. in 2024, at the Easter Bunny Breakfast the ROOTS Program held a seed planting activity: It was called "Bunny Pots." The kids filled a peat pot that looked like a bunny with soil and some flower seeds. They watch the flower grow until it can be transplanted into their gardens at home. They have several gardens at the school the Roots Club helps to weed, plant, water and maintain. This provides the children with hands on activities that teach them about gardening, the weather, soil, teamwork, commitment and so much more. They have a fall program decorating and highlighting jack-o-lanterns at the Dunbarton Old Home Days event.


As winter approaches, they decorate the Town Commons Holiday Tree. This activity requires several supplies for them to create nature-themed ornaments. They often gather and use natural materials they have collected outside for this project. Dunbarton Garden Club also gifts each class at Dunbarton Elementary School an indoor gardening project to welcome the new year. Every class is provided with a kit that includes an Amaryllis bulb and planting supplies. In addition, they received instructions and printed information to supplement their growing experience. The project has been well received by the teachers and students and will spark incredible interest in plants, gardening, and the environment. It is a lovely way to begin the new year, observing the growth of a beautiful Amaryllis flower. These are a few samples of the amazing projects the Dunbarton Elementary School (DES) does with the support of the Garden Club. We are immensely proud to be a small part of this special program. We want to acknowledge the dedicated staff and faculty at DES and in particular, Sharon Conway and Molly Kemp, for leading these projects and creating such memorable and meaningful activities for the kiddos.

Our Daffodil Project

This year, 2024, we will be bring back our Daffy sale for one year to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the Daffodils of Dunbarton project that began in 2005 and lasted for 10 years. Sales will begin this coming spring and go until our mum sale in early September. Watch this site or our Facebook page for updates and information.


In the town of Dunbarton, NH we celebrated our 250th anniversary in 2015. In anticipation of this, our garden club planted over 100,000 daffodils for ten years. to this day our Daffy's are admired by every passerby in early spring.


Under the leadership of town resident, Donna Dunn, and many other helping hands of all ages, we have beautifully accented roadways each spring. 

2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 047 (Lar

Monthly Meetings and Seminars

The Dunbarton Garden Club provides an opportunity for its members to socialize while learning about gardening, planting, pruning and more. Each of our members brings something special to the club - even if it is just a smile!

You do not need to be a gardening expert to join the club - you just need a desire to learn and share experiences with some fantastic people. It is especially helpful for people new in town that want to connect with their local community.

Our club meets once a month beginning in April and goes through December. We typically meet on the 2nd Monday of the month. We meet at the library/old town hall on the second floor. They have an elevator, plenty of parking and two bathrooms. Occasionally one of our members will host the meeting if they have the space. We also sponsor member garden tours, special presentations on various topics including but not limited to invasive species, native plants, growing vegetable or flower gardens and so much more. DGC has several guest speakers including from UNH Cooperative Extension and local master gardeners. 

Our members help to maintain and spruce up the town common and support several community activities and events throughout the year. 

Flower Selection

Check out our Projects tab to see what we are doing next. 

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