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Roots Garden Project

Roots Garden Expansion 


The Dunbarton Elementary School (DES) has been hosting the “Roots Program” with committed volunteers from the community and some modest financial and volunteer support from the Dunbarton Garden Club (DGC).

Currently, about one quarter of the students at DES apply to participate in the program each year and approximately 20 students are selected. The limit on the number of students is due to the small area available for planting, and the need for adult support and supervision. 


This proposal would provide a larger garden area where each child could be assigned a raised bed. The larger area and volunteers will be a vital part of allowing more students to be part of the program. The expansion project will allow each student to work on their own plots and create a cohesive and rich learning opportunity. 

download our information packet to learn more about the project and how you can help!

Our Daffodil Project

Dafodils of Dunbarton began in 2005 and lasted for 10 years.


In the town of Dunbarton, NH we celebrated our 250th anniversary in 2015. In anticipation of this, our garden club has planted over 100,000 daffodils over the past ten years seen by every passerby since in early spring.


Under the leadership of our Member, Donna Dunn, and with many helping hands of all ages, we have beautifully accented roadways each spring. 

2014 Daffodil Planting 10-25-14 047 (Lar

Monthly Meetings and Seminars

The Dunbarton Garden Club provides an opportunity for its members to socialize while learning about gardening, planting, pruning and more. Each of our members brings something special to the club - even if it is just a smile!

You don't need to be a gardening expert to join the club - you just need a desire to learn and share experiences with some really great people. It is especially helpful for people new in town that want to connect with their local community.

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