Daffodils for Dunbarton

Celebrate Dunbarton's 250th anniversary in style!
Be a part of the fun, as we create a natural wonder in our town.

Imagine the Impact
Each summer between now and Dunbarton's 250th anniversary in 2015, the Dunbarton Garden Club will offer different bulbs. Imagine the impact daffodils will make in your yard, even if you plant 20 or 30 bulbs each year. What a treat after a long winter! Get started this year!

Beautify Your Home and Yard
Daffodils grow readily in gardens or naturalized in fields and alongside the road. They are disease resistant and not eaten by deer, moles, or voles. Daffodils multiply without care. Plant 20 bulbs, and soon you'll have 30. Watch the colors explode each year!

The Daffodil Town
With every Dunbartonian planting daffodils, our town will have a spectacular show. Imagine a ride around Dunbarton during spring. What a pleasure!